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The Process
Here is your complete step by step guide to begin the process of buying your council property.  If you have any queries or need any help or advice, simply call us on 0800 988 7199 and one of our friendly advisers will be more than happy to assist.

Right to Buy Mortgage Advisers

Step One
Now that you have decided to apply to the council for a price, you need to complete a Right to Buy Application form.  
Why not contact us on 0800 988 7199 and we will send
 you the Government Right to Buy Application form or assist you in completing it online.  

Once you have completed the application you need to send it off to your local council addressed to their Right to Buy Department and they will start processing your application.


Step Two
Once the council have received your application they will write to you within four weeks confirming that you have the right to buy your property.
The council's valuer will then contact you to make an appointment to value your home.
The council's valuer will take into consideration prices that similar properties in your area have sold for but will discount from this valuation any home improvements you have carried out and paid for yourself.

Step Three
You will receive your Landlords Offer Notice (Section 125) within a few weeks (depending on how quick your council is). This document will tell you what the council have valued your property for, how much discount you are entitled to and the price you can purchase the property at.

Step Four
Now that you know how much you can buy your property for, you need to obtain a mortgage.
We are independent
 mortgage brokers that specialise in arranging mortgages for tenants wishing to purchase their council property through the right to buy scheme.  We can source the most competitive mortgage for your situation.
will deal with every aspect of your mortgage application, from the initial submission to the lender, the solicitors and any associated insurances.


Call us on
0800 988 7199
Complete our
enquiry form


Right to Buy Mortgages


"We have received exceptional customer service and product knowledge.  We will recommend this service in the future to friends and family.  Many thanks".                                                                                                                                       R D, London

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