Do I qualify?


If you have been a council or public sector tenant for at least three years, then you should have the right to buy your council property.


You do not need to have done three years in a row, just three years in total.  


The three year qualification period can be made up of time spent in council, housing association or armed forces accommodation.

You may be able to borrow extra for home improvements!

Who can apply for the right to buy?

Only the tenant(s) have the right to buy, although they can share the right to buy with a family member who has lived at the property for at least twelve months.


This could be your partner, children or grandchildren.  The age of the oldest family member need not be a problem.


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Buying your council property is a future inheritance for your children!!

What discount will I be entitled to?

The discount you will be entitled to depends on whether your property is a house or a flat/maisonette and how many years you have been a tenant.  Click here for further details.


It will also depend on which part of the country you live in.  The maximum discount currently available to tenants living in London is £108,000 and for the rest of England it is £80,900.  


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Get a discount of up to £108,000!!!

Can I get a mortgage?


To obtain a mortgage these days can often be quite difficult.  You will need to have some element of earned income, although we have lenders that will take into account various benefits such as working tax credits, child tax credits, pension income and disability benefits.  


We also have lenders that would consider you even if you are on a zero hours contract, self employed, a contract worker or agency worker!


You could also purchase your property based entirely on your pension income.


In order to obtain the best mortgage rates available you will need to have a good credit history. However, if you have had credit issues such as defaults, County Court Judgements or have been previously bankrupt, we may still be able to obtain a mortgage for you.  


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No deposit required!!!!


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